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Sergio “Babu” Gasparelli - BJJ MastermindSERGIO “BABU” GASPARELLI – BJJ MASTERMIND



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 Sistema braço ataque de Babu é uma abordagem sistemática para obter o seu adversário para bater para fora. Neste DVD você vai aprender o estilo de Babu” de fazer o armlock, juntamente com o que fazer quando o adversário faz determinados contadores aos seus ataques. Em outras palavras, você vai aprender como atacar HE CONTADORES – VOCÊ contrariar o seu contador!

Portanto, este é o perfeito “Se eu fizer isso e ele faz isso, o que eu devo fazer?” Espécie de um programa.

Highlights Of This DVD Include:

O Babu” Armlock juntamente com os pequenos “truques de pernaque ajudam a controlar a que maior e mais forte oponente
O truque LegBabu para impedir que um adversário que está acima na sua armlock
2 Variações Omoplata – Aprenda duas maneiras de fazer a omoplata que ataca diferentes partes de seu corpo
Ataques Triângulo, Dicas e combater os Contadores
A Scoot Submission uma maneira estranha de bater um cara fora, que tenta escapar de seu ataque


Boato interessante: Babu” é curto para Babuino (que significa Babuíno em Português), o nome foi dado a Sergio quando ele tinha cerca de 6 anos de idade, segundo o próprio Sergio. Ele começou a ser chamado de “Babu” em torno da propriedade onde ele cresceu por causa de um incidente com um cão feroz que cortar solto como ele e seus amigos estavam jogando no parque da propriedade. Sergio foi muito rápido e saltou sobre um muro alto para evitar o cão, enquanto seus amigos foram menos ágil e acabou mordido pelo animal. Por causa de suas habilidades de escalada pessoas começaram a chamá-lo de Babu.


Babu is a master at attacking from side control in all kinds of weird and unexpected ways. This DVD will show you some of his methods.

Highlights Of This DVD Include:


The Babu Side Control Attack Series
Babu’s “Base” – establishing a solid hip and arm control
How to make the opponent block his own hand preventing escape
The Hitchiker Escape Counter – Using your foot in a special way can prevent the opponent from escaping with this common method
The “Babu Anaconda” Secrets – This is WITHOUT A DOUBT the BEST and STRONGEST WAY to CRUSH A MAN with an arm triangle
Arm Triangle Setups, Finishes, and Re-Counters
Gi and Rear Naked Choke Tips (numerous chokes including a sick gi and arm choke)
The “Nino Schembri” Anaconda Defense (and how to crush it!)

Interesting Tidbit: Sergio “Babu” is actually a Brazilian lawyer who dedicated himself to the development of fighter’s ground games. He also holds a black belt in Judo and Luta Livre.


Babu is not known for “nice guy jiu jitsu”. In fact he’s a face pushing, leg cranking, wrist locking machine that will do whatever it takes to cause pain and make a man submit. These “defense stoppers” are ways to stop a man from countering your moves.

Highlights Of This DVD Include:


Stopping the Upa and Elbow Escapes (just a little hip pressure trick)
“Crack The Nut” – a nasty “leg binding move” to open his back up or take an arm
The “Face Off” Armlock – with tips on “stack prevention”
“The Tornado” – unusual submission when an opponent tries a common method of escaping side control
Leglock Hop (counter when opponent blocks your mount attempt)
Breaking The Armlock Defense – 4 cool ways to break open the opponent’s locked arms
Killer Knee With Cool Bicep Crush – Great to counter a common method of escaping

Interesting Tidbit: Babu’s BJJ Lineage is: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie sr > Reyson Gracie >Osvaldo Alves > Sergio Penha > Sergio Babu


Babu likes to attack from side control with the many tools in his arsenal. This DVD will show you some of his favorite strategies.

Highlights Of This DVD Include:


The “No Escape Armlock”
The NS Kimura – a slick kimura from north-south
Kneel and Bow – surprise arm submission
The North South Guillotine (effective and rare) – a nice move from side control when he puts an arm under your hip
The “Laying Down Kimura” – An unusual Kimura you can do without raising up
The “Short and Tight Kimura” – Babu’s kimura locks the guy down tight and requires a minimal amount of movement on your part

Sergio Gasparelli “Babu” started his martial arts training through Judo, achieving his black belt before ever practicing BJJ. He decided to train Jiu Jitsu to keep fit, after he went on a trip to the United States and returned overweight. He then joined the classes a friend of his (Jorge) who coached at Ricardo de La Riva’s gym, it was training there that Sergio got his BJJ blue belt. (from


Babu is great at both gi and no gi as well as being able to apply effective moves in both sport and MMA. This DVD is a virtual grab bag of “no-gi” techniques useful for either sport grappling or even real life/MMA conflicts.

Highlights Of This DVD Include:


Locking Up A Puncher – It’s important to know how to submit someone who is trying to “ground and pound” you.
Anaconda Choke To Tap A Puncher – Same thing here, someone tries to strike you on the ground and you wrap him up in an anaconda
Babu’s “American Lock” Defense
The “Whirlwind” to RNC – setup a rear naked choke
The No-Gi Wristlock – this strange move can really catch someone by surprise.
Bonus: “Babu 101″ – be an observer as Babu teaches a private lesson to a purple belt

Because he was first and foremost a Judoka, Babu would also train at Osvaldo Alves, a famous BJJ red belt with a strong Judo background. This all happened in the early 1980’s. Babu then had a period when he stopped training, but as he met Sergio Penha (a famed Osvaldo Alves black belt) in 1994, he decided to come back to Jiu Jitsu.


One of the good things about Babu’s style is that it is SIMPLE. By “simple” we mean that the moves do not require much flexibility or athleticism to apply. This approach applies to his guard strategy as well. Babu teaches BASIC moves but with simple details that make them much more effective.

Highlights Of This DVD Include:


Babu’s Simple Guard Passing Strategies
Details On Knee Positioning
Babu’s Guard Pass Tactics and Defensive Moves

According to, around the year 2000, Sergio Penha moved to Portugal for work reasons and left Sergio Babu without a coach. Sergio then decided to join the Carlson Gracie academy, but the team was living in turmoil at the time (more details about the Carlson Gracie team break up on Murilo Bustamante’s page), so after an invitation from his friend Claudio Palmieri, he decided to join BTT – Brazilian Top Team.



Two things about this DVD. First, this series of moves is a really nice addition to those people who think they’ve “seen it all”. Babu has moves that many black belts don’t know. Secondly, Babu shows important details to make even the “better known” moves work more effectively.

Highlights Of This DVD Include:

Lockdown Armlock
The “Tight Kimura” – the tighter it is, the less chance the opponent has of escaping.
Armlock Counter To Side Control Escape
Armlock Counter To Side Control Escape 2
Brabo Counter To Side Control Escape
The Japanese Armlock
The Surprise Guillotine
Jumping Arm Triangle From Side Control
Surprise Anaconda


Babu’s side control attacks really need to be seen to be appreciated. He truly has a strong game from this position and is arguably one of the best out there for side control attacks.

Another thing that is important is that these moves are not that hard to do, and this is nice since most people do not have a lot of training time to use on mastering more complicated moves.


Babu is a walking encyclopedia of side control attacks. He taught so many that we couldn’t fit them all on one DVD! So here is another series of fantastic (and sometimes downright weird) side control submissons!

Highlights Of This DVD Include:

The Surprise Anaconda 2
The Slick North-South Guillotine
The “Face Crush Choke” – A good way to pin a guys arm across his own neck and cause him to submit
The Rack – Perfect spot for tying a guy up and exposing him to either punches or submissions
Head Trap – Yet another way to tie up a man and expose him to both punching and submission attacks
The Vise – This is an easy to apply choke you can learn to use
The Surprise Heel Hook and Matching Kneebar


Sergio Babu trained at Brazilian Top Team for six years, being not only an athlete of the team, but also coaching the odd class and giving private lessons. His technical prowess was well known amongst the athletes, and after the Black House team was formed, “Joinha“ (Jorge Guimaraes) and Carlos Barreto invited Babu to coach at their premises. Sergio relegated his career as a lawyer to the foreground (without abandoning it completely) and started coaching full time for Black House, helping several of the fighters in the team’s roster. (


Being stuck on the bottom in half guard, can be a real problem – especially if the top guy is punching. We asked Babu to give us some help with this situation and this is what he taught is in response.

Highlights Of This DVD Include:

A Simple Half Guard Sweep
Arm Drag To Neck Wrench – A great way to reverse a guy and land him right in to a rear naked choke!
Sick Leglock Setup – Babu is great with bizarre moves like these.
Nasty Calf Crush – A cool & uncommon attack from half guard
Arm pass Choke – Simple and effective…
Arm Pass Guillotine – We honestly don’t think most guys will see this one coming.
Head Control Counter – This is a great way to prevent a guy from shutting down your half guard.


In coaching at Black House, Sergio Babu spent a lot of time with Luta Livre stand-out Hugo Duarte, who was also part of the team. Sergio became very interested in the Luta Livre’s style of grappling (specially their foot locks) and studied it extensively ending receiving his Luta Livre “Certified Instructor” diploma from Hugo Duarte himself on February 2010.



This is the DVD to watch to learn some cool ways of fighting from the “bottom” (when your opponent is on top in some sort of open guard situation). Learn to deal with the top guys punching and catch him in some wicked submissions.

Highlights Of This DVD Include:

Leg Pinch – Simple but effective way to shut your opponent down
Wristlock – Babu is great with these unusual moves
Leg Crush – This one causes some serious pain!
Hip Scoot – Stop the opponent’s counter to your triangle
Crazy Armlock Combo – a series of several subtle guard attacks that flow together very well
The Frank Mir – A strange armlock from half guard that actually works!
Hidden Wristlock – Insane and unbelievable! This lock comes out of nowhere!
Choke Series – Learn a nice flow of choking maneuvers
The Babu Submission Series
Omoplata Against The Punch – This is the right way to omoplatta a guy who is trying to punch you


Babu’s instructor, Sergio Penha, is an historic figure in Jiu Jitsu’s panorama. A BJJ red and black belt (7 grau) and a Judo black belt under Osvaldo Alves, he rose from purple belt to black belt without stopping at brown and proved his master right by giving the “almighty” Rickson Gracie the toughest test in his Jiu Jitsu career.




This is Babu’s thought on LEGLOCKS. Babu is very interested in leglocks due to his exposure to the Luta Livre’s style of grappling (in which he received his Luta Livre “Certified Instructor” diploma from Hugo Duarte himself).

While one could justifiably call his methods a bit “unorthodox”, nevertheless we think you will agree that these are some great ways of defeating an opponent!

Highlights Of This DVD Include:

Good Heel Hook Setup – Half the trouble with getting a leglock is the setup – master that and you’ll score a lot more of them.
Good Leglock Setup – Yet another way to get a leg lock
Good Leglock Setup 2 – Still another…
Weird Footlock – We know we keep saying “weird” but heck – the term fits! Babu’s jiu jitsu is pretty unusual.
Rolling Toe Hold – Instant fight stopper.
Insane Foot Crush – This one is beyond description!
Leg Trap – Crazy way to shut that guy down.
Sneaky Kneebar


Babu’s instructor, Sergio Penha, is also the one who awarded UFC Champion Frank Mir with his black belt.




Babu has some great moves from the turtle – from both the top and the bottom position. Best of all these moves work for REAL (i.e. when real punches are involved) and so these are not just for “sport grappling” (although they would work very well for that too!).

Highlights Of This DVD Include:

The Sick Calf Crush – This one is very unusual.
Wicked Leglock Setup – We guarantee you most grapplers have never seen this move!
Weird Turtle Attack – Sometimes surprise is your best weapon.
Weird Turtle Attack 2 – Ditto…
Stopping The Choke Escape – What to do if someone tries to escape from your choke attack
Surprise Guillotine – Babu is a master of the guillotine and likes teaching this move
Kimura Trick – A simple detail to help your kimura
Nice Reversal – Get out from being controlled
The Funky Rolling Kimura – This one defies all description – you need to see it!




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